Vintage Upholstery Preston

These days, purchasing a piece of furniture is as easy as visiting a website, picking something you like and ordering it. In a few days, it’ll arrive at your doorstep either as flat-pack furniture or a full and completed piece, waiting to be used. While this offers plenty of convenience to everyone, it’s also not as personalised or interesting to have the same pieces of cheap and tacky furniture, and no amount of customisation can change that.

That’s why a lot of people have switched to vintage upholstery. Instead of the dull mass-produced furniture that is available in every major furniture store, vintage furniture offers statement pieces that are utterly unique, durable and beautiful. So if you’re looking for vintage upholstery in Preston, don’t hesitate to contact us today or come and visit our store here in Ribchester.

Why Vintage Upholstery?

Vintage upholstery has become popular among interior designers and homeowners due to the number of advantages it offers compared to boring flat-pack and mass-produced furniture that is available today. Here are some of the main reasons why so many people now prefer vintage furniture.

The shapes, materials used and colours are completely unique and styled differently compared to most furniture today
The construction of vintage upholstery is a lot more sturdy thanks to the stronger materials used
Vintage upholstery lasts longer thanks to the high-quality materials, meaning it’s far less likely to become damaged
Vintage upholstery is well-loved no matter where you purchase it, meaning you’re guaranteed to get a beautiful product that looks and feels amazing
It sets your rooms apart from other people, giving your home a unique feel that can’t be achieved with off-the-shelf furniture in major stores

If you’d like to learn more about vintage upholstery, then don’t hesitate to visit our store in Preston for more ideas and inspiration. Alternatively, you can contact us to ask any questions or to discuss bespoke upholstery options.

Why Ribchester Upholstery?

We’re a humble family-run business that has been in business for over 30 years. We’ve provided high-quality bespoke upholstery services to Preston for three decades, building a huge list of happy clients that have returned to us whenever they needed something specific to be designed or repaired. Most furniture companies mass-produce their offerings, leading to a lot of monotony, uninspired designs and also weak furniture that breaks too easily. With Ribchester Upholstery, you’re getting high-quality vintage upholstery that is built to last, well-maintained and customisable with our bespoke services.

We’re confident that we can offer you a truly unique set of vintage upholstery that adds a unique and charming look to your rooms. No matter what room you’re furnishing or the style of home that you’re designing, we have a wide range of different vintage upholstery products that are sure to fit your needs. Simply get in touch with us for more information or visit our store in Ribchester to take a look at our current offerings. Alternatively, you can browse our items for sale on our website and view our galleries for more inspiration.

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