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If you’re looking for upholsters in Preston, then look no further than Ribchester Upholstery Co. Offering a professional and experienced upholstery service, we can help bring back your old goods back to life. Detailed using the finest care and techniques, we offer a range of services that have aesthetic, environmental, and financial advantages for our customers. Whether you’re trying to salvage an old piece of furniture, you want to touch up your favourite item and preserve it for the future, or you’re trying to up the quality of your classic car, you’ll find everything you need from Ribchester Upholstery.

Bringing Furniture Back to Life

We all get attached to our favourite furniture pieces. Alas, time doesn’t care much for our attachment. Over time, we can find that the quality of the piece begins to dip. Then, it seems we’re left with only one option: throwing the old piece away, and replacing it with a new, modern item. But this isn’t the case -- there’s another way. Have the piece brought back to life by upholsters in Preston. We will work hard to restore the piece for its former glory, with outstanding results guaranteed every time.

Updating Your Classic Car

A classic car might look stylish from the outside, but the inside is just as important, especially for you, the one driving it. Over time, the quality of the interior can be damaged through general wear and tear. The older the vehicle, the more dated the interior will be. Instead of settling for a less than stellar upholstery, you can work with upholsters in Preston to improve the quality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. You’ll be able to drive around in the vehicle as it supposed to look and feel.

New Items for the Home

Even if you don’t have old furniture that needs to be restored, you can still make the most of upholsters in Preston. We also sell items that have been restored to the highest standards. If you’re looking for a new, unique piece for your new home or flat, then you can take a look at what we have on offer. You might just find that item that’ll bring the whole room together. We are also available for wall and room upholstery, too. By using our services, you can ensure that the overall quality of your moves in the right direction.

Environmentally Friendly Practice

There are plenty of advantages to using our upholstery service. It extends the lifespan of the items you love. It boosts the aesthetics of your home, and it’s affordable. And it’s also good for the environment. Instead of discarding and replacing your items, you’re bringing them back to life, and, in the process, reducing your carbon footprint, all the while encouraging an earth-friendly practice to develop.

If you’re a lover of quality, then get in touch with Ribchester Upholstery. There’s no job that is too large or small for our services, and we always place the highest importance on professionalism and quality. 

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