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Bespoke Upholstery in Ribchester

Are you looking for some new upholstery to complement your home? It can be hard to find the right items as there are so many different products available. Not only that, but you tend to be a slave to certain trends. Different types of upholstery become popular, and others go out of fashion. So, you have lots of options, but they’re all somewhat similar to one another.

As a result, it’s hard to find that one piece that’s perfect for you. Even if you dip into the vintage market, you struggle to find something that suits your home and matches the interior design theme you’re after.

Thankfully, your life is about to be made much easier because of our bespoke upholstery in Ribchester!
What can we do for you?
At Ribchester Upholstery, we provide customers with a range of excellent services. Our speciality lies in bespoke upholstery - but what is this?

Primarily, we can help you design and create your ideal piece of upholstery. This might be a new armchair, it could be a large 3-seater sofa, or it might even be a dining room table. With our upholstery service, you have more choice than ever before. Choose the different fabrics and materials used, pick the colour, and decide on all the small details. We take care of the rest, producing something that suits all your needs and fits perfectly in your home.

We also stock a range of readily available upholstery as well. So, if you want to save time, you can look at what we have for sale and see if it suits you.
Why choose us for upholstery in Ribchester?
Upholstery isn’t just in our name, it’s in our blood. We’re a family run business that’s been providing this service for well over three decades. Our team is small, but we’re made up of local people who work extremely hard, are well-trained, and sublimely skilled. All of this means we can offer a service that surpasses any initial expectations.

The quality of our upholstery is second to none as we want to provide you with something that stands the test of time. We use high-quality materials to help prevent rips in your new upholstery. By offering products that are built to last, it means you get more value for money as well. With us, you don’t purchase a cheap piece of upholstery that needs to be repaired or replaced in a couple of years!

As well as all of this, we offer a friendly upholstery service too. We’re always happy to listen to your demands, so don’t be afraid to make requests or ask questions. At the end of the day, we’re delighted to help with all your upholstery needs.
Contact us today
We promise to provide a quality service that puts a smile on your face. If you want exceptional upholstery in Ribchester, then get in touch with us today. You can give us a call or send our team an email. Either way, we’ll try to respond as quickly as possible!

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